Make Your Voice Heard


Send a letter today to your local newspaper to let your community know it's time to invest in Oregon schools! Submitting an opinion piece to your local newspaper can make a big impact, and we’ve included instructions below on how to reach your local paper.

  1. Check out the submission guidelines for your local paper, typically located on the opinion page. We've included some helpful links below. You'll want to stay within their word limit, submit it to the email provided, and include the information — often name, address, and phone number — that the paper requests to improve the odds of getting published. 

  2. Write! One of the best advocacy tools we have is our lived experience, so be sure to anchor your letter in why investing in schools matters to you. It can be powerful to share you story and then close with a call to action — in this case, to fully fund Oregon schools! It can be powerful to share your story.

  3. Submit and follow up! If the paper intends to publish your letter, you should get confirmation from an editor. If you don't hear back after five business days, it is worth a call or email to the opinion page manager about if and when they intend to publish your letter.

  4. Don't get discouraged! Sometimes, your letter won't make publication. But there are plenty of ways to make sure your message reaches your community — including resubmitting to another news source or sharing your letter on Facebook with your network. 

Links to local submission guidelines: