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For too long now, low-income and middle-income families have shouldered the burden of funding Oregon’s schools, while corporations have paid among the lowest business taxes in the country.  Without adequate funding for our classrooms, Oregon families have also been disproportionately hurt by disinvestment in our schools — in particular, Oregonians of color and Oregonians from low-income households who already contend with inequities in public structures and services. 

Oregon is at least $2 billion short of funding our k-12 classrooms at an adequate level, and the cost of accessing early education and higher education continues to increase. It's clear that the state of our schools is a crisis. Oregon’s k-12 classrooms have ballooned to among the largest in the country, there are fewer career and technical education courses today than two decades ago, and few schools have a permanent counselor or adequate mental health support. Teachers, parents, and families frequently spend and raise their own money to supply basic needs for classrooms, a trend that has only exacerbated inequities in our schools. 

This legislative session, however, we have our best shot in decades to finally win game-changing investments for our schools. The Legislature's Joint Committee on Student Success toured Oregon last year to asses the state of our schools, and now they are actively considering policy solutions to make our tax system fairer and our classrooms stronger. We can't back down now, and we need your help to make sure legislators do the right thing and fully fund our schools this session.

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